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Makeup Care Guide - Beauty Tips, Makeup Tips, How to Apply Makeup, Skin Care Advice and Beauty Cosmetics Guide

Makeup should be used to help you look good and feel better. Find your basic makeup essentials to create a radient - looking complexion and then experiment with deifferent colors, textures and cosmetics items to accentuate your features and enhance your face. Improving your appearence will boost your confidence and self esteem.

How to Apply Make up

Because of the difficulties in finding the right foundation color, some makeup experts believe that Brown women should use more than one foundation shade by blending two shades together or by applying different shades to different areas of the face (one shade on the T-zone area and another on forehead, cheeks, and jaw, for example).

So being beautiful has more implication in social life than being just beautiful. If you look good you feel confident about your self and it gets reflected in your lifestyle and attitude. Some women prefer to have their foundations custom-blended. In my opinion, it's often too difficult for women to blend makeup on their own and get consistent color. Custom blending, like that offered by companies like Prescriptives, is a tremendous advance for Brown women because you can leave the store with one bottle that is made just for you. However, the downside is higher cost. If you have not been able to find a color that suits you on your own, consult a cosmetics counter or makeup artist for expert advice.

Steps of Aplying Makeup - Some Makeup Tips

The process of putting on makeup must always start with clean skin. There is no point in putting makeup on skin that already has yester day's makeup on it-first because you will only clog up your pores and hurt your skin, and second because the makeup will cake and blotch and may look strange and unflattering on last night's leftovers. So, please, don't carry your face over from day to day.

If you have the perfect mouth, then you have the option of following your own lip line and not using a pencil to line your lips. Merely brush the lipstick (either with a lipstick brush if you are using a tubelipstick, or with a wand) on your lips. If you want your upper lip to look more protruding, do this with your highlighter: Notice the cleft, or indentation, between your nose andupper lip. Put a lighter foundation or a highlighter there-it reflects light and makes the upper lip look as if it is protruding.

Lipstick provides the final touch to your make-up; without it no look is complete. For a perfect result, you will need a steady hand, some practice, the correct implements and a knowledge of the correcting techniques. A narrow, flat ended brush, a selection of finely sharpened lip pencils, lip gloss and lipstick (either the conventional tube lipstick or the cream type with a sponge-tip applicator). If your lip colour is uneven, then you will need a special lip base or balancer - use a lighter tone on the dark areas and a dark tone on light areas. These balancers also fonn abase for lipstick and help to keep the colour of the lipstick pure and clear.

It is morning. You are awake; you have done your stretch exercises, taken a shower and started your circulation going (thus you have some color in your face). You have gone through your cleansing routine, ending up with your astringent, and have patted your moisturizer gently into your skin. (Remember, that means moisturizing eye cream under and around the eyes, and your facial moisturizer on your face.)

That done, you are ready for the makeup routine. As you are getting used to this routine (and especially as you are reading this) it may seem that it will take forever. Don't be discouraged. It won't. Following are three basic morning makeup routines you can choose from, depending on your life style, your plans for the day and your mood. Both the two- and five-minute routines are easy and require little explanation.

Learn to love your body and you will believe a complete lot better look about yourself. Believe it or not, far more woman are unhappy through their body shape than through their faces-despite the reality that the body is covered up for most of the time. Achieving media-perceived' perfection (a minute dress size) is eventually unachievable for most of us, so rather than wasting time trying to reach unrealistic goals, channel your positive energy into accepting your size and shape, and plan to be the best possible you, rather than a dissimilar you altogether. After all, it is more frequently the quality of our skin, not the quantity (or lack of it) that counts.

The 5 Minute Face Makeup - Whenever you are short of time, concentrate on the skin, eyes and mouth. Find a concealer that suits your skin tone the best inorder to disguise shadows or redness and go on to blend well, using your finger tips. Apply some pressed powder. Use a neutral lipstick and apply on the cheeks, rubbing well to give a natural look. Lastly, apply a coat of mascara and lipstick to highlight your lips.

The 10 Minute Face Makeup - Use a compact powder foundation and then apply a concealer for that even look. apply a neutral blusher all over the eyelids and temples. Apply two coats of mascara. Lastly, apply lipstick to highlight your lips.

In order to put on your makeup in a way that best suits your face, you need to know not only what makeup is and how to apply it, but also what kind of complexion and what shape features you have.


Beauty Makeup Tips

Use a round or wedge-shaped cosmetic sponge, or your fingers, to dot about a nickel-size amount of foundation along the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, then blend in evenly.

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Beauty Tips

Shiny, silky hair is everyone's desire. Choose the hair style that suits your face shape and hair type. You may need to change your shampoo seasonally, keeping winter dryness in mind.


Makeup Tips and Advice

Step by Step guide on how to apply makeup. Preparing your face to receive makeup can be as important as makep itself. Good quality makeup is the only kind of makeup to buy. Do not compromise on quality. After all, if you wants to look great, you certainly need to feel it.


Skin Care

Skin Care is the first step towards achieving a healthy body. The skin is not just a simple flat sheet. It is composed of several layers. In fact, it is one of the most fascinating creations of Nature. Achieving the appearance of radiant and truly healthy skin is always a goal for us.


Make your eyes appealable. Makeup isn't about rules, its about options, and of course there are time when you wish to tone down your strongest features.


However flawless our natural complexion, everybody suffers from problem skin at some time or another. Symptoms & information for various skin disorders.

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Makeup Tips & Advice
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To create a polished look for weekdays, follow these steps after you've washed your face and applied moisturizer (for dry or combination skin) or toner (oily skin) and sunscreen:

  • Apply concealer (one shade lighter than your natural skin tone) to biotchy or uneven areas using fingers or a makeup sponge to camouflage discolorations. Blend.
  • Apply foundation (the same color as your skin) by dotting it all over the face and blending evenly with a makeup sponge to create a smooth, even complexion.
  • Dust a layer of translucent powder (or pressed powder the same color as your foundation) over the face with a makeup brush or powder puff to set foundation.
  • Apply eye shadows, eyeliner, and/or mascara to accent your eyes.
  • Apply blush just below cheekbones with a makeup brush or sponge.
  • Apply lip liner and two coats of lipstick for the finishing touch.

The Perfect Makeup Bag - Makeup Box

Don't believe in anything being perfect, except for my makeup bag. It took years to make it that way, and now you needI never leave home without it. Ever. your makeup bag has in it everything you might need when you are not at home-not only for retouching the face, but for accidents and emergencies of various sorts.

The bag itself is made of plastic or leather and is only six inches by three or four inches (it can even be a little smaller, depending on the style you like). A bag this size fits into almost every purse you have, the exception being a tiny evening bag. When you use the evening bags, you always carry the regular makeup bag in the car so that you have everything you need not too far away.

As far as what goes into the bag-the following list contains everything in it. You are the best judge of what you need. If something listed just doesn't fit your needs, leave it out-there is no sense putting something in your bag you will never use?

Make a mental note to clean out your bag once a month, making sure to throwaway any makeup that is no longer fresh and anything you really don't use. It's better to throwaway something unclean that may contain bacteria than to use it on your skin. So, here is the perfect makeup bag:

  • Tiny comb
  • Mirror
  • Compact of translucent powder: You can use this pressed powder with the puff it comes with or with a brush. Usually these compacts have a piece of plastic on top of the powder. Don't throw it away. It is there to protect the powder and to separate it from the puff. If the puff that comes with the compact is not made of rubber, buy yourself a tiny rubber one that you can wash easily. Check the mirror. If it is a good one that does not distort your face, then you won't need the other mirror listed above. One is enough.
  • Cream blush
  • Foundation
  • Moisturizer: Even though it does you no good to put moisturizer on when you already have foundation on your skin, it is a good idea to keep some with you for days when you aren't wearing foundation and your skin will need moisture. It's also great for moisturizing dry hands, and for any other moments when you will need it (it's easier to have it in the bag than to try to remember to put it there on days when you know you will want it). Keep the moisturizer in a tiny plastic container well sealed. Again, try to pick up a sample size that is small enough to carry around in your bag.
  • Lipstick pencil: This is for outlining your lips.
  • Lipstick brush: Just in case I want to use tube lipstick.
  • Lipstick in a wand: Usually clear or a colored gloss (if you prefer petroleum jelly, carry a small tube).
  • Powder blush: This is crucial so you can always touch up with color. Remember, use the cream in the morning and touch up during the day with powder. Also remember that you can put some over your eyebrows, on your chin, the tip of your nose, and on your neck for an added glow.
  • Blush brush:
  • Eye shadow: A light shade is wonderful to open up the eyes.
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil: This pencil is great for touching up your eyebrows and is terrific for drawing a line in your lower lid, in the corners of your eyes, and for touching up your eye liner. Always buy the kind with a self-sharpening top.
  • Eye pencil: Use this to touch up your eye liner above and below the eye. This is the soft kind you can smudge.
  • Astringent: Use it to clean up oil that has accumulated on my nose, my forehead and my chin.
  • Manicure scissors: For cutting anything.
  • Tweezers: For tweezing anything.
  • Vitamin E stick: This looks like a lipstick in a tube and is a wonderful moisturizer for your lips. You can also put it under your eyes if you are not wearing any foundation or concealed.
  • Child-size toothbrush: This is the most inexpensive and accessible eyebrow brush and eyelash separator you can find.
  • Ponytail rubber bands (covered):
  • Threads: In your drugstore, pick up a matchbook or other small case with needles and threads in it.
  • Band-Aid: I carry just one for emergencies.
  • Atomizer of perfume: This is wonderful for a pick-me-up of scent.
  • Saline solution: A small bottle of commercial saline solution does wonders for tired eyes at any time of the day. It soothes safely, and makes your eyes sparkle.

That's it. It may sound like a lot of things, but gather them around, put them into that little bag, and you'll be delighted and surprised at how easily they fit and how efficiently the whole com-bination of items works. And watch-next time someone mentions they need something and you have it, I bet you'll smile with great satisfaction.

Eyeliner Application Tips

  • Eyeliner pencils give a softer effect than liquids, but best of all is a dark powder shadow line, created by using the tiniest, most pointed brush. The shadow is much subtler and gives you a sexy, doe-eyed look. Liquid liners are left to the professionals, but if you must, use a magnifying mirror, pull the eyelid taut and apply the liner in one continuous movement as close to the lashes as possible.
  • If you are too busy to apply eyeliner daily, you could have a line permanently tattooed around the lash line. This involves injecting tiny coloured particles of iron oxide into the skin. The eye area is very delicate, so finding an experienced beauty therapist is essential. Don’t let associations with other type of tattooing put you off-under-eye tattooing can look very natural. Have a patch test first to check your skin will not react adversely, and use an cream afterwards to ward off infection.

Skin Types and Makeup

  • If you have skin that is basically oily - use a liquid, waterbased foundation.
  • If you have skin that is basically dry - use an oil-based liquid or cream foundation.
  • If you have problem skin-you need a nongreasy foundation, since this type of skin is usually very oily. Medicated foundations can be helpful.

Good Skin Care Diet

  • Drink normally eight glasses of water a day.
  • Eat natural vegetable oils (particularly olive oil) and fish oils, which are amazing for the skin and beneficial to the metabolism.
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. These hold natural sugars and will give you llong-lasting power.
  • Drink plenty of newly squeezed, diluted fruit juice for a turbo boost of vitamins and to improve the look of your skin.

Most of us spend hours worrying about our body, yet we lean to neglect the texture of our skin, which also plays a vital part in the method we glance. Dedicate now a few extra minutes to glance after your body at bath time, and you will amazed at the results.

  • During the winter months your body expends most of its time swaddled in layers of clothing. You flit from cold temperatures outside to centrally heated atmospheres inside without thinking of the havoc this wreaks on your system. Cell renewal slows down, and old, flaky skin cells gather, leading to a grey, lacklustre look. Exfoliate at slightest once a week, using either a long-handled loofah (which will help you achieve those difficult parts, such as your back) or an exfoliating body scrub.
  • Bony areas, such as knees and elbows, require extra consideration. Utilize a deeply moisturizing agent (such as petroleum jelly) to maintain knees and elbows soft and young-looking.
  • Stand up and be counted. Bad posture means your body is out of alignment, and can never glance its best. Hold your shoulders and neck back, maintain your chin and eyes up and tilt your pelvis a little towards the front. This easy corrective can add inches to your height, and make all the dissimilarity to your look.
  • Remember to slather any exposed areas of your body through sun defense at all times, level in midwinter. Sun exposure is the single most significant factor in premature skin ageing.
  • Moisturize every time you have a bath. Alter the strength of your moisturizer according to the seasons - if you are on the beach, in the sand or in the sea, you will require more defenses.
  • Keep away from very hot baths and showers - these can lead to broken capillaries. Cool baths and showers help boosting the distribution and 'wake up' the skin, leaving you fresh and rejuvenated.


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