Hair Care Products / Straightening

Hair Care Products / Straightening

Before determining your hair treatment and cleaning stuff, you need to know what your hair type is. There are about four main types of hair that you have to distinguish in order to categorize your hair within. That would help you decide your shampoo, conditioner, and serum treatment.

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Oily Hair

The main cause of your limp sticky hair is the excessive sebum production. Therefore, it is always recommended not to massage your hair while cleaning in order not to stimulate sebaceous glands. Hair experts always advise women of oily hair to wash it with warm water.

The Best Shampoo

Try to avoid the shampoo that bills itself as moisturizing or conditioning. You do not want to add more moisture to your hair. If dandruff is also a problem, which it often is with oily hair, try to use the kind of dandruff treating shampoo that contains selenium and zinc. I think Vichy’s Dercos Oil Control shampoo can be your best hair treatment if you are suffering a sticky hair.


In most cases, you are in no need for conditioners because your hair is already creamy. However, if you want to use it, try to choose a conditioner from the same brand of your shampoo and apply it only to your tips.

Dry hair / Hair Straightening Tools

The second type of hair is dry, which is considered the damaged hair. Women with dry hair suffer always from a difficult to style it, so experts tried their best to provide them with the best and most suitable shampoo and treatment serum. Women with dry hair have to look for the products that are full of nourishment and hydration to have their hair fresher and easier to style. Moreover, they have to wash their hair with cold water and follow it up with a conditioning mask. The most important thing is the hair styling tools. It is recommended to use an appropriate straightener and curling iron for your hair. Check for some of the best straighteners and iron reviews in

The Best Shampoo

Dry hair women need to use the volumizing shampoos in order to add body to their hair. Therefore, you have to check the ingredients list before deciding which shampoo to purchase; try to choose the one that contains the coconuts oil, which is the best emollient in hair care. On the other hand, avoid products that include sodium for it let your hair seems drier and needs more hydrating. Serie Expertby L`Oreal Intense Repair shampoo is your best choice for your damaged dry hair for it contains natural substances that treat the deep roots of the hair. There are many other shampoos women can use like: MOP c system, Aveda, and Louis Galvin.



The Best Conditioner

You need to use a moisturizing conditioner in a way that allows your scalp receive the least amount of the conditioner. Look for the conditioners that include their ingredients the natural oils and proteins. You are the best to judge your hair, so if you see that it is fully damaged; it is OK to leave-in some of the conditioners on the ends of your hair, which would help in the treatment process. L`Oreal products are also recommended here.

Color-treated hair

Most women tend to have the most impressive and stylish hair colors, following the latest hair-coloring fashion. However, these colors tend to fade their hair and lose its shine. Color-treated hair is the most type of hair that needs the lady to be careful of some factors,

i.e. the temperature of the washing water, the type of the shampoo and its ingredients and what type of conditioner to use. She has to consider them because the chemicals that were used in coloring her hair have affected it and she needs to be careful about the treatment productions. Experts have exerted their extremist efforts to provide this type of women the best serums and shampoos.


We all agree that colors add a fade to hair, but as long as you have spent your money at the salon to get that style you have to look for a color-preserving shampoo that will not strip out these added highlights. Therefore, you are recommended to use Biolage Delicate Care Shampoo as it protects your hair from fading, protect your beautiful hair color and helps you to have a fresh hair all the day.


For conditioners, experts always recommend using the products that contain UV filters that work like sunscreen to prevent color fading. L’Oreal EverPure UV Protect Spray can be your best choice to protect your colored hair.

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Men’s Hair Care, How to Be Well-Groomed?

Men’s Hair Care, How to Be Well-Groomed?

Nothing is good as having good, healthy and fine hair.  It’s impossible for hair to be healthy since hair cannot be classified as a living thing. I like to use the expression “well treated” hair. When injury has taken place, the ideal approach to repair the hair is to get rid of the injured length. Obviously, a nice looking head of hair starts with an extraordinary looking hair style.  Like your automobile, your hair needs care in order to defend quality, pliability, and sparkle.  Below are the tips for men hair care.

Perfect Drying

One of the greatest reasons men’s harm their hair is the use of towel drying.

The best strategy to Dry Hair without Damaging It!Perfect-Drying

At the point when hair is wet, it is vulnerable to harm. At the point when the hair is rubbed with a towel, a portion of the hairs get to be tangled in the strings of the towel and get extended to the limit, bringing about harm to the fingernail skin (the shingle-like external layer of the hair), frizz and split stops. To towel dry appropriately, shake out the abundance water and stroke your hair in the path it develops, instead of rubbing the hair with the towel. In today’s technology of hairstyling, drying takes time, yet after a couple of hair styles, differences in appearance will be seen with the way your hair looks. Blow drying is another typical reason for harm to the hair. Extreme blow drying can dry out the hair and scalp. In case you want to utilize a blow dryer, apply a warm styling splash or detangler to coat the hair and shield it from harm, utilize a wide-tooth brush to avoid pulling, and leave the hair marginally moist. This will avoid over drying the hair.

Cooling Off

Nothing feels superior to a steaming shower, however, it’s wreaking destruction on your hair and scalp.

Chemical Treatments should be avoided.

Frequently shading or perming hair can result to harmed, dry, and dull. I advice you abstain from at-home chemical substances and look for a decent beautician for such administrations. A beautician will know how to set up your hair and pick the best items for your hair forms. Results from trained personnel will look more ordinary than those which can be made at home.

Utilize a Good Shampoo and Conditioner

A decent cleanser and conditioner will help rinse the hair, include dampness and flexibility, and smooth the fingernail skin to include sparkle.


Utilize The Right Tools

Try not to utilize a brush on wet hair, when the hair is highly susceptible. Combing through wet hair, utilize a wide-toothed brush and tenderly work out any tangles. Keep away from warmed equipment, for example, blow dryers or irons which can dry and harm hair. Materials you have to trim your hair are; Comb, scissors, and clippers.

Stay Healthy

The state of your hair is frequently an impression of the general fitness of your body. Eat well, work out, beverage a lot of water, get enough rest and stress should be reduced. Doing as such will bring about a healthier scalp and extraordinary looking hair. Living great and staying fit will build the rate of hair development.

Keep It Trimmed

The best way to get rid of hurt hair is to remove the hurt region, keeping your hair trimmed regularly will help discard split tops. Despite the way you’re building up your hair out, endeavor to get it trimmed about like five to six weeks, yet make it clear to your hair stylist or beautician that you want sufficient hair to remove so that you can injury free. More info on Groomin Guru.

Decrease Frizz

Low sogginess and protein in the hair can achieve frizz. To minimize this issue, use a better dampening conditioner. A slimy, smoothing serum can be used to enhance sparkle and give the hair a smoother appearance.

Hair begins from the scalp, so for hair that is smooth, solid, and gleaming; good treatment should be given to your scalp.

Tips on How to Cut your Own Hair

Right Equipment: get hair scissors and clippers to make haircutting simpler. It is important to buy one of the best hair clippers in the market, for more info . This won’t just enhance your exactness; however, permit you to get a cleaner cut. Try not to utilize your standard scissors in which you use to cut paper. You will experience issues trimming your hair with these and the lengths will be uneven.

Wet hair style: For lengthy and straight hair it’s best to get your hair wet first. It will make it simpler to cut and it will be simpler to judge the lengths.

Dry hair style: Now if you have short hair, wavy hair or you are using clippers, then dry hair is the best approach. Dry hair will allow the clippers to get a more even trim, it will keep away from having hair stick to you and the clippers, and it will avoid halting up.

Since hair is such major role of your appearance, keeping it all very well will make you look more appealing. Taking after the guidelines above will put you on your way to a hale and hearty looking head of hair.

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