How To Prepare The Skin For Makeup?

How To Prepare The Skin For Makeup?

Prepare The Skin For MakeupBeautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight. It takes constant care to have that perfect blemish free skin. Good thing is that there is makeup that can cover up those imperfections.  But sad to say that although makeup can make you look flawless, it does takes toll to your skin. That is why you still need to take care of your skin before applying makeup and after applying makeup. This is to prevent blockage to your pores and not irritate it further.

So here are some simple step by step guides on how to prep your face up before applying makeup:

Wash your face with a gentle soap that is for your skin type and pat it dry.
Apply toner and moisturizer to your face and neck. Remember to do it gently on to your skin.
To make your face glow use water mist like Avian mist spray. This will help the moisturizers effect last longer and will aid in giving your face glow.
Now it’s time to apply your make up but before doing here are some useful tips on how to properly apply your makeup:

  • Concealer
    When choosing a concealer, make sure it is 2 tones lighter than your natural skin color
    Do not rub the concealer to your skin. Instead just apply a light dab on it using your ring finger.
    When applying foundation, it should be almost the same color or just a bit lighter color than your natural skin tone
    Choose whether you want to use the liquid type for more control or the cream or powdery type of foundation.
  • Powder

Powder is a great way to set your makeup and making it last longer

Apply more powder to the shiniest part of your face also known as the t-zone (forehead to the tip of your nose).

  • Bronzer
    If you want to achieve a sun kissed look, then using bronzer is a great way to add to your makeup.
    Apply it like when you do contouring, creating a more defined look.
    Just dust it a bit and never overdo it.
  • Blush
    Always remember to apply the blush powder to the apples of your cheek going out to the ear
    You can easily locate the apple of your cheeks when you smile
  • Eyebrow
    Having a perfectly arched eyebrow is a must to have a well polished look. Always remember that the eyebrow defines or frames your face.
    To achieve a perfectly lined eyebrow, always apply first at the top arch following your natural curve and just brush to spread the color either using a brow pencil or a powder
  • Eyeliner
    A great tip to make your eyes pop or stand out is by the use of an eyeliner.
    A simple way is by creating a dot closest to the lashes and just connect it as you go along from the inner corners of your eyes going to the outer corner.
  • Eyeshadow
    When choosing an eye shadow depends on your preference, some likes to play with colors and others simply prefer to go with neutral colors. Whatever suits your mood is ok, but always remember that going for a more natural look is still the best.
  • Mascara
    Mascara is more commonly referred to as the little black dress of a woman. That means it is something that can make anyone look stunning.
    When applying a mascara, the best way to do this is instead of just sweeping it from the roots to the tips, it is better to do a zigzag movement as you sweep it from the roots to the tips. This technique will create a more thicker, more defined lashes that will definitely help it stand out
  • Lipstick
    When applying lipstick make sure not to overdo it in the cupids bow area making it look unnatural
    Also when applying, press the lipstick so that it will stick better and giving you a smoother base  and kissable lips

Here are the Tips for a perfect make-up!

Now that you know the basic, it is time for you to flaunt your Photoshop look without the Photoshop! Last piece of advice is that no matter how flawless you look with makeup, it is still better too look more natural as much as possible and always clean your face before going to bed so that your skin can breathe and be able to heal.

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Tips for a perfect make-up!

Tips for a perfect make-up!

Tips for a perfect make-up!Make-up needs the face be clear, fresh and smooth. Therefore, the woman has to prepare her face for makeup in a healthy way following some certain steps:

First, you need to know your skin type in order to choose the suitable cleanser for instance if your skin is oily, you need to choose and oil-free cleanser. However, if your skin is dry, moisturizing cleanser is your best choice.

Second, use a face toner in order to remove the traces left by the cleaner. If your skin is oily, alcoholic lotions are your best choice, but it is not necessary to use face toners. On the other hand, if your skin is sensitive, refuge to the mild toners to clean your skin.

Third, it is agreed that makeup is easier to apply on a moisturized skin, so try to apply cream on wet skin that it would absorb more cream and therefore you will get a perfect makeup application and best look. Remember using a moisture with an SPF; press it onto your skin, do not rub it in which would stimulate the skin cells and allow the ingredients of the moisturizer to seep into it.

The final step of the pre-makeup phase is to use the face primer. You have to look for a primer that silicon is one of its main ingredients in order to get a smooth and ready face for the makeup application. Besides, the primer hinder mixing the oils of the face with your makeup, so you will stand out with a last longer makeup.


Makeup Application

When applying makeup, you need to consider the different cosmetics in a way that helps you to get the prettiest look and here we are demonstrating you the professional use for each product and how you can benefit from them easily.

Foundation: After preparing the face and cleaning it, it is time to cover the face with a foundation that goes with your skin color in order to get a more natural look. The trend now goes with applying the contouring makeup, which means having dark and light parts to get a slimmer face. All you need for the contouring are a dark and a light foundation from the same brand, a concealer, a light powder and a blending brush.


How to apply contouring makeup:

After cleaning the moisturized face, with the dark foundation try to draw a line upwards past the lash line and extend it almost to the hairline, you can also apply this below your lips and upwards to list the face. Now, add contouring to areas you want to define or slim down for example your chine, jawline cheekbones and nose.  With your blending brush start mixing the foundation, begin from the outside along the hairline that would help your face look slimmer. After everything is blended, set the light parts with a translucent and the dark parts with a little bronzer. Your face is ready now to add your makeup, i.e. lipstick, mascara and blusher.

Now it is time to eyes makeup:

The first thing people notice about you is your eyes and your eyebrows. The trend now is having big, strong and full eyebrows; they are considered as the frame of your eyes, so you should always keep them in check.

How to get thick eyebrows:

Mark your eyebrow with a special pencil that goes with your skin color and you can cover the extra hair with a light line of concealer if you do not want to remove them. The concealer line would give you the look of the instant eyebrow removal even if they were not.

Then take your sharpened pencil and draw in any open spaces with short, irregular length strokes to stimulate real hair (fill in the spaces). Moreover, adding a powder that goes with your skin color would help you fill in your eyebrows and get the prettiest look. You could also use eyeshadow that goes with your skin. MAC eyeshadows always help in this technique. Click here to see more info about face makeup tips!


Be creative in your application for your make up and use concealer that is lighter than your face color to cover the dark spots, under-eye circles and define your eyebrow.


Every woman has her way in applying mascara and definitely, no one is necessarily the right way because if the results satisfy you and give you natural curled lashes, then it is great and you have to continue using this technique. You can choose the brand you see that it is perfect for your lashes. I prefer Maybelline mascara for the waterproof mascara type, but if you prefer curled thick lashes that last longer, you are greatly recommended to use the Max Factor Xperience mascara as it gives you 3 times volume and you will enjoy fuller, thicker and lifted lashes like celebrities. On the other hand, if you have many small lashes at the beginning of your eye and face a difficulty in curling them using the normal mascara brush, try to buy the fish brush that has some small parts to help you curl those unreached lashes.

Lipstick trick.

After you have applied your lipstick, use a tissue over your lips and with a suitable brush dust some translucent powder over the tissue; this way shall help you get time-longer lipstick.

If you use a red lipstick try to avoid the too much makeup, which means that the red lipstick should be the only accent in your makeup; your eyes should have mascara and eyeliner ONLY.

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